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Luc Allières

Active for more than 10 years on the swing scene in Europe, Luc made his debut in the streets and clubs of New Orleans in 2012 with 20’s / 30’s jazz orchestras as an accompanying guitarist.
He repeated the experience over the following years, reaching the streets of Montreal, Brussels, Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro or Toulouse. This curiosity for music from different cultures (Brazil, Spain, Cape Verde, Morocco, Turkey) but also the different stringed instruments (classical guitar, gypsy guitar, cavaquinho, bass and double bass, santur, tar) grew and nourished its creativity. It is also through his many travels that he meets the communities of swing dancers for which he will perform with different groups.
On the strength of these experiences, since 2015 he has co-led the Swing Vandals project which explores the music of the northern Mediterranean shore (from rebetiko, to Franco-Italian swing and up to the music of the Balkans). The group performs all over France with more than 400 concerts in various jazz and mixed music festivals, notably in 2018 at the Archéo Jazz festival in the first part of Selif Keita. More recently, he returned to his first passion for Afro-American music in all its forms within his world blues project Solak Balik.